Sammy the Sea Squirt

Written by Ezra Hewing, illustrated by Emma Graham, published by Suffolk Mind in partnership with Suffolk County Council. September 2021

As Sammy meets new friends, they discover what will happen if they stop moving…stuck in one place forever with no brain!

Move with Sammy to find out what happens and discover how you can keep your brain safe too.

Under the waves, where sunlight is blue,
Sammy the Sea Squirt is born with a tube.
Sea squirts have a brain on top of their tube
that tells them to squirt,
and that’s how they move.

Over the last year I have been working with Suffolk Mind to develop illustrations for a wonderful project. Sammy’s story is told to encourage movement for good mental well-being. Sammy is a colourful character, but doesn’t want to settle down like other Sea Squirts, the reason… well they absorb their brains when they settle! The book has been produced to give away to all reception children in Suffolk UK, but is also available to purchase here – Sammy the Sea Squirt book – Suffolk Mind

Cover for Sammy the Sea Squirt
The start of Sammy’s sea adventure
Sammy meet Caleb the Crab
Sammy meets Opal the Octopus